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20 hours ago
We affirm our commitment to building a fair and sustainable Canada all the while working for major improvements. https://t.co/xBv5QfwRPU #abpoli #ableg #Alberta #Canada
20 hours ago
For as long as I have known Roderic, he has fought for the rights of the most vulnerable.
He will bring this integrity and considerable experience to his department and I look forward to him having an enormously positive impact in this important role https://t.co/hr4mvP1VeG
20 hours ago
Can everyone please download the new #HSE #COVIDー19 tracker app, it'll only work if we get as many people using it as possible so please download and encourage others to too.

Join COVID Tracker Ireland to fight against COVID-19
20 hours ago
Good morning Hawthorne Ward 3! Thanks to everyone that signed on to our campaign. We are still collecting online signatures so spread the word. You can scan the photo to jump straight to the link. 💚 #Hawthorne #HawthorneNJ #HHS #HawthorneStrong #Cayetano4council #Green4Ward3 https://t.co/6hdqNEASec Chris_Alders photo
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Chris Alders
Chris Alders20 hours ago
I'm very glad to see my colleagues with the Green Party of Alberta commit to building an Alberta and a Canada that comes to grips with the Climate Emergency and systemic racism. www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders2 days ago
For the record, I fully support these workers. Their employer are making off like bandits during the pandemic and leaving them high and dry in the process. www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders4 days ago
This is how it is done folks. The insurance company cited in the article didn't drop the pipeline because they wanted to. People like you pressured them to do so and in the end, they anted up. www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders5 days ago
Posting some material on those crazy, wacky elephants who are apparently party animals! www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders6 days ago
Birds are absolutely necessary components to ecosystems. Please stop using chemicals on your lawn! www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Raptor Education Group, Inc.
We've been posting about the many songbird poisonings admitted to our clinic everyday. People may think the poisonings are rare or at least not frequent. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you spray your lawn for insects, understand this is the result. BOTH BIRDS HAVE BEEN TREATED WITH THREE DOSES OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL TO TRY TO ABSORB AND BLOCK TOXIN. Birds eat mosquitoes, moths and other insects. Some like swallows, Purple Martin's, nighthawk and Chimney Swifts, eat insects exclusively. During breeding season, all birds feed their youngsters insects, as they offer the high protein needed for rapid growth. Please think before you believe a commercial or a business that sprays your lawn or yard to kill insects. Please understand you are killing the very birds that naturally eat insects.
Chris Alders
Chris Alders7 days ago
When one reads the daily newspapers and listens to CBC in Alberta one gets the impression all Albertans are in full support of Big Oil. As we have seen, nothing could be further from the truth. Join the Greens for a sustainable reality. www.chrisalders.ca
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