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16 hours ago
We extend our immense gratitude to Gibbons resident Cass Romyn for her astute and tireless efforts to build the Green Party of Alberta. She will be stepping down as GPA President shortly. https://t.co/L6fFELIavP #abpoli #ableg #Alberta #GPA
16 hours ago
The Ford govt keeps using the cover of the pandemic to ram through bills that are harmful to the people & our land, water & food. Thankfully we have @MikeSchreiner there everyday to push back against them & expose their attempt to please their developer friends & donors. #OnPoli https://t.co/b4T2b2Wcuk
16 hours ago
Conservation Authorities are the last line of defence for reckless & dangerous development. Ford’s pay-to-pave scheme needs to end.

👉 We’re calling on the Premier to restore power to Conservation Authorities and #RepealSchedule6. #onpoli https://t.co/hOla67RXIr
Chris_Alders photo
16 hours ago
Resistance is building from municipalities, farmers & the @OntarioGreens to stop the disastrous GTA West Highway that saves commuters only 30 seconds but severely damages our land, water & food. Instead we need to invest in mass transit & make telecommuting more viable! #OnPoli https://t.co/gRp0HjOzhE
16 hours ago
Bisschen spät für eine Jahresbilanz – danke, das wissen wir selbst 😉 Aber wir haben so viele neue Mitglieder, dass wir bis vor zehn Minuten noch ausgezählt haben. 💚-lich Willkommen an alle Neuen! !B https://t.co/sTgEjGrOAe Chris_Alders photo
2 days ago
We are very enthusiastic about the appointment of Austin Mullins to the Green Party of Alberta Shadow Cabinet as Youth Critic. https://t.co/vvHzNJzMPj #abpoli #ableg #Alberta #GPA #YouthIssues
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Chris Alders
Chris Alders12 hours ago
I'm very saddened that Cass is departing this position but extremely grateful for her immense contributions to our province. www.greenpartyofalberta.ca

Chris Alders
Chris Alders2 days ago
The youth of Alberta have a political home with the Green Party of Alberta. It is great to see Austin Mullins join the ranks of the GPA Shadow Cabinet as Youth Critic. www.greenpartyofalberta.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders3 days ago
Simply infuriating and totally unacceptable. www.greenpartyofalberta.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders5 days ago
This can not be overstated. www.greenpartyofalberta.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders7 days ago
We the people must be vigilant when it comes to protecting precious ecosystems. This is especially necessary when governments rollback existing measures. www.greenpartyofalberta.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders1 week ago
It is all too apparent that we need Green Party MLAs in the Alberta Legislature that can deliver environmental justice. www.greenpartyofalberta.ca
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