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22 hours ago
The authoritarian, lack of consultation streak in the UCP means that people will die as a result of this change. https://t.co/hSLvmT1Hpr #abpoli #ableg #Alberta #PublicSafety
22 hours ago
What role will the Green Party candidate, Howie Hawkins, play in November? https://t.co/XdUOKwuCmY via @GreenPartyUS
22 hours ago
Is it time to stop tinkering with #CERB and move to a permanent #BasicIncome so that no one falls through the cracks? #onpoli #UBI #GBI
22 hours ago
For a very modest donation you, too, can help decide the direction of Canada’s party of the future. I highly encourage you participate, #Oakville voters! https://t.co/63MyCGoQhS
2 days ago
Ecological Wisdom is a key Green Party value. There is nothing ecological or wise in the horrendous annual wolf cull, which is why we outright condemn it. https://t.co/7AXLYszVid #abpoli #ableg #Alberta #EcologicalWisdom #Wolves
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Chris Alders
Chris Alders22 hours ago
The problem of industrial farming must be confronted. Read this article and you'll understand why. www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders2 days ago
Wolves are integral to the well-being of ecosystems and the failed annual cull represents a danger not just to them but everything else in the food chain, including ourselves. www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders3 days ago
The oil sands have been a losing economic proposition for some time. We need to transition to a clean, green economy. www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders4 days ago
Less public parks and fewer park rangers leads to this type of degradation. www,chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders5 days ago
As my very able Green Party of Alberta colleague, Chris Vallee, points out, "Environmental racism runs parallel with social justice." www.chrisalders.ca
Chris Alders
Chris Alders6 days ago
Remember this everyone: the CEO of Air Canada does not care whether you live or die. He wants profits. It is clear that our current economic system is unhealthy and unworkable. www.chrisalders.ca
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