March 31, 2019

EDMONTON – With the ramifications of Climate Change unfolding and now present, Chris Alders, Green Party of Alberta Candidate for Edmonton – City Centre, says the situation needs to be treated as a pressing emergency.

“What’s missing from the debate and discourse in the current election is urgency,” says Alders. “We Greens are in concert with the United Nation report published last October that stipulated we have a maximum of 12 years to address Climate Change in a serious way. Accordingly, we urge the people of our communities to vote Green Party as a way of tackling the crisis head on.”

Meaningful action on the Climate Change emergency in Alberta means suspending the expansion of the oilsands. By doing so, we would be contributing to a solution to the crisis facing humanity. “We have to take the proverbial bull by the horns and be proactive,” says Alders. “We can not afford to sit this one out. As a community, we have to come together to insist that this measure be taken for our own sake and for the benefit of future generations.”

The world’s scientific community have been signalling the threat of Climate Change for decades. Alders says, “We are beyond the point where those warnings can go unheeded.”

Alarmingly, a 2018 report co-authored by University of Alberta Professor Zac Robinson and Simon Fraser University Professor David Hik, projected that 80% of the remaining Rocky Mountain glaciers will recede in the next 50 years if Climate Change goes unchecked. The deleterious outcomes include widespread drought and dust bowls.

“Other parties have been in a state of denial and quasi-denial on this crucial issue. We have it in our hands to prevent the worst effects of Climate Change. By electing Green Party MLA’s on April 16, you’ll be ensuring this emergency receives the urgent attention it deserves,” says Alders.      

The Green Party campaign is people-powered. Canadians have elected nine Green Party MLAs to provincial legislatures.

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For more information, please contact:

Chris Alders

Green Party of Alberta Candidate for Edmonton – City Centre


Phone: 780-242-1621