April 15, 2019

EDMONTON – The Green Party of Alberta candidate in Edmonton-City Centre is stressing the need for community members to cast ballots for a future that includes direct action on the Climate Change emergency and the implementation of a Universal Basic Income.

Chris Alders is imploring people to “vote as if our futures depend on it, because it does. In a democracy, elections are the ultimate form of expression by the people. Every four years we Albertans make a conscious decision about what direction our province should take. Elections are not benign events. They have specific policy outcomes and real environmental, social and economic consequences that linger long after Election Day.”

The Green Party candidate says April 16 represents an opportunity for voters to assert themselves in favour of a sustainable and socially just Edmonton-City Centre. “We need to stop the surreal denial that permeates public discourse on Climate Change and treat the situation for what it is – a full-fledged emergency. We need MLAs in the legislature that will go after the root causes of poverty and bring about a Universal Basic Income. We need to make a speedy transition to a clean, green economy that allows us to pursue abundant opportunities in geothermal, solar, and wind power.”

Before casting your ballot, Alders wants community members to think about this and future generations. “When you are alone with your thoughts in the voting booth, please consider not only what is right for ourselves, but also for those that will follow. We have an obligation to confront our challenges and to ensure a livable future for all. Voting Green Party means you can look yourself in the mirror and know you’ve chosen a vision beyond tomorrow.”

Alders says “despite dominant media narratives and the highly derogatory dueling personality cults on display, this election is an opportunity is a chance to ditch the damaging two-party hamster wheel and cast an affirmative vote for the type of politics we want for our communities and province.”   

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For more information, please contact:

Chris Alders

Green Party of Alberta Candidate for Edmonton – City Centre

Email: chris@chrisalders.ca

Phone: 780-242-1621